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"I am overwhelmed with joy from the results with this amazing session we had this past Thursday. There are no words to describe what transpired for me personally, other than it was very profound and deep. Obviously, we dealt with something that I have been carrying and attached to for years and years. It's as if we found the hidden Sonnie and allowed her to come out and play without fear of abandonment, anxiety, insecurity or needing approval....I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your gift and that the universe put you in my path. I am so very grateful and appreciative of this entire experience with and of your support and help. I truly love an appreciate you and want you to know how lucky we all are to have you share your knowledge and gift helping us with our healing."
 -- Namaste, Sonnie


  • "I've been coming to see Diane for a few years now, and I haven't needed to go see anyone else since! I highly recommend everyone have a session with Diane! Diane is well versed, very educated, and highly knowledgeable.  It is clearly her passion to help her clients feel the best they can be at every age."       -- Daniel S.         
  •   "I've been a patient of Diane's for about 5 years.  Diane as a physical therapist, through her use of biofeedback, nutritional supplements, and actually 'using' her nutritional advice, I've become much healthier as I grow up.  It's really cool to actually be healthier and have more stamina than I did 5 years ago!  Thanks Diane!!"   -- Charlene H.

  • "Diane is extremely knowledgeable and talented, I highly recommend her for any type of health issues. Unlike most doctors and even some HHPs, she spends a great deal of time during each visit going into great detail with a number of techniques and modalities that are so far ahead of 'conventional' medicine and more thorough than other HHPs I've had experience with.  She has been a huge help in identifying and addressing food sensitivities and improving my overall health."  -- David X. 


  • "Dear Diane, I can speak to the galvanic skin response-Zyto Biofeedback. I came to you with a diagnosis of GERD and was + for H pylori in February.  I was on 22 doses of  supplements a day  which I couldn't take for various reasons and with your help I am clear of H Pylori now on minimal dosages of the supplements. I look forward to continuing with you to  overcome 'leaky gut syndrome' and insulin resistance." 

-- Barbara Van de Water

  • "I've been lucky and fortunate enough to experience both the laser and the galvanic skin response.  I was having lots of  digestive problems and muscle and back pain.  Diane used the laser on tender points in my back and neck and helped stabilize my adjustments.  She also used the galvanic skin response to detect if I had any parasites and nutritional imbalances.  With her help and expertise, she has been able to point me in the right direction to allow my body to heal!
    Thanks so much for all your work and help, Diane!"    -- Donna McIntosh

 • "Diane Kusunose and her Zyto Biofeedback machine has helped me tremendously, many times.  It has picked up viruses that were giving uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms and then came up with a protocol that completely cleared the issues!  I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for holistic and comprehensive care."  -- Willow Tipton


  • "Diane Kusunose is a genius.  Her knowledge of homeopathy and natural remedies is endless. Her biofeedback system immediately tells you what your body may be deficient in, as well as what your body does and does not like. Everyone's body is different, and Diane can find out exactly what your body needs to stay balanced and healthy."   -- Giovanna M.

  • "Typically, when you see a healthcare professional, you have to spend all afternoon to get 20-30 minutes of quality time with your provider.  If you visit Diane, you'll get the entire time with a passionate, knowledgeable, holistic practitioner who really takes the time to get to know your details so she can find and treat root cause issues instead of just symptoms. Highly recommend Insights for Natural Balance for your whole health understanding and needs."   -- David M.

  •  "Yesterday my back was out, worse than ever before in my life. I was on more Motrin than I care to share. Today, I went to see Diane, hoping she could help me. Whatever she did in an hour, I felt so much better - upwards of 80% improvement! I didn't have to take Motrin with dinner. I can move again and resume normal activities. Thank you Diane!! Miracle worker extraordinaire!!"

-- Debi H.

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