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To Reorder Your Recommended Nutritional Products:

  1. Check with Diane to make sure you need to reorder a product.  You may need a recheck with Diane if you are running low on product.  Call or email to discuss.
  2. Call the company and place your order upon approval.

Standard Process:

Diane has been to the Standard Process Organic Farm and prefers these nutrient supplements rather than synthetic supplements. 

1. Please set up your account at this link:
and select "Patient Direct" at the top of the page. Use Patient Direct Code: (PLEASE  CALL  THE  OFFICE  TO  OBTAIN)

2. Once your account is set up, Diane will have to verify that you are a patient and enable your account.
3. Once enabled, you will have access to re-order your supplements as needed.


Apex Energetics:
Please visit, enter my HCP store code: naturalbalancing, verify my information is showing in the dialog box and hit enter.  Then you may find the item(s) you want to purchase for a one time order.  You will then be prompted to create an account for future use. Also available on Fullscript.

Designs For Health ONLINE E-STORE:

Please set up your account at this link:

Promo Code (20% off first order): FIRST20NOW

Free shipping on all orders placed through the e-store!

Also available on Fullscript.


**PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see your product on the home page of the store, please go to the top menu and click "shop".  Then select "shop by balancing essentials" on the left OR use the menu to find your item.


Please call the office to obtain Biotics phone number to set up your account or order through Fullscript.


Please Reorder your Deseret Biological products through the office at (760) 420-5210.



Please visit to create your account. Free shipping on orders over $50.







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