Insights for Natural Balance


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Service List and Prices

Initial Evaluation (90 min)                                   $225*
Recheck (90 min)                                                      $175*
Foods Only (90 min)                                                $225*
Phone Consult now available (15 minutes)       $25*
Additional 15 minutes (on ANY service)            $35
Additional 30 minutes (on ANY service)           $50

*Additional fees will apply to additional time for your visit.
*Discounted Service Packages available. Inquire Within.

Description of Services

Initial Evaluation 90 minutes* INCLUDES:
Zyto Biofeedback Feedback Testing 
Nutrition Response Testing

90 Minute Recheck*
Assess progress and protocol needs.

Foods Only Includes Zyto Biofeedback testing analysis and solutions of food stressors determined in the 90 minutes*.

Physical Therapy

Diane uses applied kinesiology muscle testing to assess pain and uses cold laser and nutrient solutions together for anti-inflammatory pain relief. 


It's not always easy to keep up with good eating habits and exercise. Diane uses primarily organic whole food based supplements from Standard Process in her practice along with Biotics, and Apex Energetics. The body has the full potential to repair itself, when given the right nutrients. 


Based on the notion of the body having the ability to heal itself, homeopathy seeks to enhance the recovery process with the use of customized solutions often derived from plants or minerals. Single and combination remedies are considered in your analysis. Diane uses quality companies including Deseret Biologicals and Apex Energenics.

Herbal Formulations

MediHerb is an Australian based herbal company dedicated to the quality and clinical research outcomes that their herbs provide.

Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system using the reflexes of the body to determine the underlying causes that block normal function.  The underlying causes can be heavy metals, chemicals, immune challenges, food sensitivities/environmental allergens and/or scar tissue interference.

FOR  MORE  SCIENCE  BASED  INFORMATION  ON  THE  ZYTO  PLUS, please  visit the "Zyto Info" tab on this website.


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